Saturday, 7 June 2014

World Cup 2014 Brazil - My Prediction

    As of today, we are one week out from the World Cup 2014. Can't wait for it. I have done my own analysis on the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and below are my results. Kindly accept this as an information purpose and NOT for other invalid or illegal activities.

World Cup 2014 Prediction
     As an England strong supporter, I am really hoping England will lift the World Cup one day. New upcoming players that has been performing tremendously in BPL such as Lalana, Lambert, Barkley, Stone, Wilshere, Sterling and also the combination of an experienced Lampard, Rooney, Cahill, Barry & Gerrard will surely prove something this time. Let’s hope for the best.

    As a host, Brazil stands out as favorites to win this prestigious cup. Please be reminded that there are always an underdog teams that will perform in every World Cup. I predicted Belgium & Japan this time to shine! Please share your predictions as well.
The fever is ON!. Thank You.



Sunday, 25 May 2014

Maxis coverage very bad!!

    Hello Blog readers and bloggers!! It's been quit sometime I have compose a blog. I am just too busy with work, house and some other things as well. I have to say something here now especially to Maxis.
    I have been using Maxis line since 1997, starting from Hotlink and post-paid since few years back. I have been even using Maxis broadband  but decided to stop it due to bad network connection in my previous home. Maxis staff did not inform me that I have to replace my broadband since it was an old version. Ok never mind.
    I’ve moved to Semenyih for the past 2 months and my Maxis line here are extremely bad. Most of the time there is no network coverage in my house and sometimes do have in certain area. I have called the Maxis center and I have a reference number to this issue as well. They said they will send a technician to check but after a few days, they called and inform me that they are sorry because at the moment Maxis has no plan yet to upgrade the network coverage in my housing area. They even mention that the nearest signal is quit far away. I am speechless. 
   Should I change to Celcom? I am surprised because there are almost 300 houses here and none of them complaint? Maybe they have give-up complaining and start changing to other cheaper and better lines.

Something has to be done!!!



    KOCHADAIIYAN- THE LEGEND. The most awaiting movie of the year has released on 23rd May 2014. Of course our superstar's movie will definitely hit the box office not matter what and how it goes.
    Firstly, credits should goes to Soundarya Rajnikanth Aswin & K.S Ravikumar for the ambitious effort to make this animation movie and prove to the world that Tamil industry have a bright future on animation & 3D technology movies. I don’t think there are 3D Tamil movies taken before and surely this movie will turn up to be a stepping stone for Tamil Cinemas. If watch from the start of the movie, we all aware there this movie was taken with special effort and with new technology in cinematography animation which surely is something different in any cinema industry other than Hollywood.             

    Superstar has 2 characters, Rana and Kochadaiiyan. Which character you prefer? I think most will choose kochadaiiyan ‘s act. Depika Padukone does not look beautiful in this animation. Actually she was superb in Chennai Express. That’s the real look. Famous actors - Nassar , Sarath Kumar, Jackie Sharoff,& Athi  all have equally contributes to the success of the movie. Not to forget to our Oscar music director, A.R Rahman with his powerful background music and song. Simply superb.
    There will be Kochadaiiyan 2 since the return of Rana’s brother, Sena. Let's wait and see. 

Kochadaiiyan is a must watch movie in Theater!! Enjoy it.