Sunday, 15 July 2012

BILLA 2 THE BEGINNING(2012) - Movie Review

    BILLA 2- The Beginning is back again. The much awaited movie from "talle Ajit" was released on 13th July 2012 in Malaysia. I managed to get tickets for 4.50pm show at IOI Mall yesterday, thanks to the GSC online system purchased technology.

    The stylish looking David Billa as how in the previous Billa movie, appears this time with an excellent and bullet kind of dialogue. This time his partners are the sexy Parvathy Ommanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah. Of course they can't compete with the previous Billa superb ladies - Nayantara & Namitha but for a 1st time it’s ok. Music by Yuwan Shankarraja was good with an excellent background scores.

This story is about the rise of David Billa and how he became from and ordinary man into dangerous criminal don. This movies if full of  gangsters act where bullet and short knives speaks more than words.

From my point of view, the movie was well taken with good and brutal fight scenes. Ajit has his own style of acting and this time he smokes lesser than before.  Ladies for sure would not like this movie because of violence but for guys.....awesome. For further review, please go and watch the movie. Avoid piracy OK!

Since Mankatha was a big hit with multi award winning from ITFA, let wait and see how is Billa 2 journeys goes.....ALL THE VERY BEST BILLA



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Penang Murugan Temple - New Thaipusam Temple

   GOOD DAY TO ALL! Today my blog is about a temple. Penang Murugan temple or Thaipusam temple is one of the most famous temples in Malaysia. (Read related blog on thaipusam ). This temple has been newly renovated and the renovation cost is more than a red Ferrari. For those who don’t have chance to visit this multimillion cost temple, please feel free to enjoy the photos below.
Exterior temple structure
Interior design


    For your information, I’ve never been to this temple also. The photos were taken by my brothers. Hahahah. SHARING IS CARING!!! One will have a plan to visit Penang one day after viewing these photos for sure. Support Visit Malaysia 2012.
Anyway I surely will pay a visit to this temple once back to Penang. PENANG MAH!!!


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Competitor For ASTRO?

    ASTRO  has been the largest pay television provider in Malaysia. Its very rare to see houses without ASTRO now days. NOW there is a new player in a cable television market called ABN (Asian Broadcast Network). ABN set to launch its services somewhere in June and July 2012. Its good to have a competitor  for this services , at least ASTRO will reduce their package price. Correct?

    ABN is something like those days analogue cable TV (MEGA TV-appears once upon a time and then disappear). This daring digital cable TV is set to provide 50-60 channels upon launching and offering at cheaper price at start. This will be good news for those who do not have ASTRO at home. They are setting up their centre at Puchong Gateway,  next to Seri Kembangan toll and vacancies are available at ABN for many positions currently.
   According to Business Times, ABN choose Fibrecom and Tenaga Nasional as its back haul fibre optic partner and Fibrecom  51% shares owns by Telekom Malaysia. Since ABN is using fibre optics as their cable, I'm not very sure whether the UNIFI fibre optic cable can be used with it? For those who have UNIFI, maybe there is a benefit on that. Since ABN can offer more than 2000 channels, what for ASTRO?

    The new CEO, Sreedhar Subramaniam is bringing this project towards frontier as how Tan Sri Tony Fernandez did for Air Asia. Let's see..... ALL THE  BEST ABN !!!


Sunday, 1 July 2012


   If talk about handphones nowdays, everyone's mind will be on iPhone 4s and Samsung. Two giants in these gadget world are the Samsung & Apple , sometimes HTC and LG .I agreed that the technologies that these phones have are beyond  in mobile world and competing among each other tremendously.Wanna talk about my favourite phone?

SAMSUNG- Not this lah!!
iPHONE 4S-Not this too lah!!!

    Sorry guys, the above mobile are not in my list yet as favourites. Why? Because I don't think they can last for many years. Moreover these phones wont be able to function well once fell down from a bed or on the road while riding motorbike. CORRECT!
    My most everlasting superb phone I have used...from NOKIA of course.(Model 6510). It was the best phone owned ever. No regrets. When first I bought it in 2002 was RM950. It is consider one of the most expensive phone at that time.

NOKIA 6510
    I have been using NOKIA 6510  for the past 7  years and I have changed the baterry only once. The 6510 model speciality at that time was the radio and gold colour housing with blue screen. It was a modern technology at that era of Nokia generation. There is a lot of history and memories from this everlasting phone. It can stored almost 300-400 messages including phone memory and battery talk time was extremely superb. Real cool!.

    I am still having the 6510 now since I've change to Nokia Music Express in 2009. I have changed the phone "s housing since the original one was badly damage but no heart to throw it away. I'm keeping it in museum of my home!!! Nokia are a real giant at that time....but now Hmmmmmm. Anyway technology is moving real fast without realization. Humans are communicating with gadgets more than among each other as you can see everywhere in malls , cafe , coffee shop ,home ...etc..TECHNOLOGY CHANGE HUMAN CHANGE!!!! THAT'S REALITY.......