Saturday, 20 July 2013

Best Mobile Messaging Application - WeChat vs WhatsApp vs Viber

    Mobile messaging application has becoming so famous since the release of smart phones and androids phones to the mobile world. Not to get annoyed that even a 6 year old kid are using one now. World transforms the current mobile users into a drastic peak until some can't even stay without it. I am using one and it just came across into my mind to blog about the best mobile messaging applications being used currently.

    WhatsApp was the earlier one in the market has the advantages of having creative and innovative emoticons compare to Wechat but Wechat emoticons can be download directly from internet. WeChat have the features of voice calls and video calls plus it is fully a free app but WhatApp has certain limitation as a free app. WeChat has an additional features such as My QR Name Card  and photo record on moments of life which can be shared on Facebook. Both applications have the ability to send text, images, video, and location update. Basically WeChat has the most features compare to WhatApp but most of my contacts prefer WhatApp compare to Wechat for group chat.

    There is one more famous mobile messaging application- Viber. It is also free and has a voice call features. It also has the ability to send videos and photos via SMS. Viber has also beautiful and creative emoticons but I notice that the voice calls are not clear and get disconnected frequently.

    So YOU decide which one is the best! WhatsApp- WeChat or Viber. You may try installing all and see which one suit you well and user-friendly since it is a free download from Playstore. Your contacts may be in all three so don’t get confused which one to use. Bear in mind that all mobile applications require 3G or WI-FI to work. WhatsApp has controlled the current market but Wechat and others mobile application may come along to overtake WhatsApp. Let's wait and see how a mobile world  can transform more.....



Sunday, 7 July 2013

SINGAM 2 - An Indian Police 2013

    SINGAM 2... is back again and one of the most awaiting tamil movie of 2013. The sequel to Singam which was a romantic action and funny movie has hit the box office in 2010 with good response and review. Lets talk about the current SINGAM 2 which worldwide released was on the 5th of July 2013.
    This time, SINGAM 2 was a good one too. Director Hari has come out with real full nonstop action movie until the end. There are too many characters and villains in here but none of them has given much impact as how Prakrash Raj did for the first Singam. Prakrash Raj is still the best villain of all time. Hansika Motwani plays a major role  too in the first half of the movie compare to heroine Anushka Shetty. Vivek was a good combination with Suriya in Singam but this time, Santhanam has done a great job by providing a few stomach-pain joke which can consider a major comedian in SINGAM 2 compared to Vivek. Devi Sri Prasad music score was good especially the Singam dance.

    Overall, the combination of family sentiment between Suriya & his parents, love between Suriya & Anushka, comedian between Vivek & Sathanam Team and actions between Indian Police Officers and villains will surely bring this mix masala movie to the top. I am not going to revealed the story here since you may knew the story line already. Moreover some may feels the movie is a normal Hari movie with full of fights and dialogue and some may feel that the movie is boring. Please go and watch it by yourself for better review. You decide whether the roar this time is louder or not !!! Different People has Different Opinion...
    For me, the movie is good, fun, superb nonstop actions and worth to watch. My recommendation is if you are around Selangor area, please go and watch it in Summit GSC USJ THX Hall(Hall 7). Superb Sound!! Salute to Suriya's acting. Happy Reading.......


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Floria 2013 - Putrajaya Boat Decoration Videos

    Continue from previous Floria 2013 blog , here I have uploaded the boat decoration competition video which was held recently at Putrajaya. The first blog is more on photos, so this blog is all about videos. Enjoy the videos and thanks to my Galaxy Note II camera video for the watchable video and to those who do not have the chance to attend to this festival, watch lah!

Thanks again to all the blog readers............