Sunday, 23 October 2011

REAL STEEL THE MOVIE (2011).....Superbb!!!

One of the most entertaining movie for me plus the storyline was superb. I went and watch at IOI Mall with 2D effect (digital picture -HD quality) . Movie stars none other than our Wolveverine Hugh Jackman  Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo(small Boy). The story was well taken and the ending was well finished. Guys Go n watch pls...My recommendation movie of the year to WATCH! after Johnny English...hehheh.

IOI Mall Puchong-Cinema 4 (2D)


Wednesday, 31 August 2011


 Machi ! Open The Bottle!!! ....................................

Mankatha movie is the most awaiting movie because of Ajit's 50th movie and also Trisha's 40th movie.I went and watch yesterday at  Lotus Butterworth with no expectation and knew nothing about the storyline and also the music.What I knew about this movie- Ajith, Trisha, Vengket Prabu and Yuwan Shankaraja.THAT'S ALL!!
Dont worry guyzz, I'm not going to review anything about the story line because you guyz should go and watch it fast.Don't let any busybody to tell about the story and also comment about the movie.Once they commented on the movie, it will surely set a story  and prediction in your head and you wont be able to accept the movie ( especially non-Ajit fan such as...hmmmm you know!
You should go and watch it in teaters because movie is good, cinematography is superb, stroy line and music also different since the story looks similar to an English movie. Not sure.Just keyword-Arjun is in as well.Action King is back!
I am not Ajit fan , but  he has the most stylish way of smoking cigarettes.Class wei !! heavy smoker !!! hahahah

Selamat Hari Raya , Merdeka & Happy Mankatha !!

OVERALL VERDICT -  4 STARS out of 5 STARS ( my prediction)

**** SHRI GANESH****

Sunday, 28 August 2011

TRANSNASIONAL Bus Express- Real Disappointing!

My friend has bought TRANSNASIONAL Bus Express ticket from Petronas Kiosk USJ and was extremely disappointed when she went to depart the bus express. WHY ? Because there is not a single bus express at the stated location and time !!!
There is another person waiting there and has bought her ticket from Petronas Station Kiosk Setapak -same victim! The Transnasional Bus Express to Johor Bahru supposed to depart at 11.59pm on 27 August 2011 and the location stated on the ticket is at Stadium Bukit Jalil Platform 12. Attached is the ticket bought:

It seems they have confirm with the Petronas Kiosk staff and they say the place is correct. After waiting 1 hour at Bukit Jalil Stadium , they decided to go back home.
Next day I went to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasek Selatan,  and check from the Transnasional counter itself and they say " Mana ada Bukit Jalil , Semua dah lama pindah kat sini LAH." She even told that that maybe the Petronas Kiosk have not updated their system yet!
It is really annoying if any of us have an important appointment or job planned the next day but couldnt make it in time. GONE!


**** SHRI GANESH****

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

MY red BLM Saga 1.3 Auto -Problem !!

Problem! Problem! Problem!......MY red BLM Saga 1.3 Auto, what can I say about my first Ferrari.
Firstly my door handle broken , so they have to remove my oil tank cover for colour comparison for the door handle.I was without my oil tank cover for 2 weeks.Luckilyy no one "drank" my petrol.
Secondly my air-cond button broken. I taught that the whole set of air-cond controller gone because I can't adjust the speed of the air-cond but then I realise that the air-cond switch has broken.Have to change that.
Thirdly is my power window.I am unable to wind down my passenger window from driver's side but from the passenger side it works! I have to change the power window switch on the driver side.
Fourthly is my signal light.Out of a sudden my signal lights and my hazard light signal are not working.I went to the nearest workshop and they unable to detect. Next day I went to proton workshop and they confirmed that the hazard light switch spoil that causing the signal light failure and need to change .IT IS A COMMON PROBLEM FOR BLM SAGA IT SEEMS....Hmmmmm. What ELSE can I say about this 3 years old car. Only 3 years OLD!!! 

My BLM Saga 1.3 Auto

The only best thing I can say about Saga BLM is the Air-Cond coldness. The air-cond is superbly cold and even at point 1,
but other than that it is..........!!! hmmmm

**** SHRI GANESH ****

Saturday, 13 August 2011


I was thinking how shall I publish/blogged my Engagement Part 2 photos with something different and creative. I was browsing trough the Internet and then I came across this superb website called Picture Collage Maker. This a great software for one to design and create photo album for anniversary , celebration or any important day like father 's day , Christmas day ,calendar design, Halloween day, and etc. There is a lot of design and template that we can design and come up creatively from this software. As you can see,below are my creative design that I have created using  Picture Collage Maker :
Very interesting.Try it!! This is the link to the website:

My creative design using Picture Collage Maker

Photo Collages, Scrapbooks, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Poster, Photo Books and any other photo-related artwork can be used using this software.


Thanks to Picture Collage Maker for making collage in an easy way and also transform photos into precious memories.

**** SHRI GANESH****

Tuesday, 2 August 2011



The fantasy league is ON now and everyone including hardcore Barclays Premier League watchers will know what is it about. Guys, as usual the competition is coming in 2 weeks time and this time the features and the rules are a bit different and more interesting.

I have created the fantasy classic league as usual and you may contact me for the activation code.Lets begin the game with more challenging and fighting spirit. Dont forget that there are 3 underdogs team in the premier league now : Swansea , Norwich & Queen Park Rangers. Please do not underestimate them.

All the best guyzz/kainge!!


**** SHRI GANESH**** 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Best Advertising Place...Toilet !!!

Advertizing board at strategic location

I was in a reading an advertisement (above) for almost 1 minute and gain more information and knowledge.The I realize that this a very good place to transfer and convey information to public.DUN GET SHOCKED.Whether is wrong place or inconvenient , the most important public able to gain and get information fast and informative at that short time.I guess most of the shopping complex and malls use this tactics.
Sorry GALS !!! STRICTLY for guys only!!! ....WHY ?


****SHRI GANESH ****

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hitachi Electronic Team Building 2011

My Blog: Hitachi Electronic Team Building 2011: "Ini merupakan Team Building yang mendukacitakan di Agrotek Resort Hulu Langat Selangor baru baru ini disebabkan oleh sebab sebab yang boleh ..."

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My Blog: MY No.1 Fan @ TRISHA "

'BHEEMA..what a look!!'
 My No 1 Fan -Trisha @Actress@Model- Just taking my sweet time blogging about my all time admirer.Guyz ou..."

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


2nd Julai 2011-An Unforgetable Day-
This auspicious occasion was held at Batu Gajah Mariamman Temple Kinta Valley
on Saturday from 7pm-8.30pm

Newly engaged couple
 THE JOURNEY STARTS....We left Penang at around 4.15pm and was at Simpang Pulai toll at sharp 6pm. About 10 cars conveying to the engagement temple.I would like to thanx everyone who have spare time attending the ceremony and those who could not make it ...dun worry we understand but dont forget ..MY WEDDING DAY K!  

Brother's ma
How many tathu ah?

Beautiful ladies and galz
Nanben DA!
Is this "Chapter Closed' :)
My Parents and Menaka's Parents

My dad's side

My mom side.This is only 60%  I guess

Actually this is only trailer.!!
More exciting images from the real cameraman will be posted on My picture Part 2.....C ya..

**** SHRI GANESH ****

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Desktop Virtualization by VMware

I have attended a seminar on Desktop Virtualization by VMware at Sunway Hotel on 27 Jun 2011.This is very usefull seminar for big companies.This talk is join by Falconstor and Trendmicro.
Benefits of VMware View :

a) Better security-data maintained within coperate firewall.
b) Lower cost -reduces cost of desktop computing to 50 %.
c) Reliabilitybusiness continuity and disaster recovery.
d) Reduced energy cost.

VMware View provides access to virtual destop and application running in a
central secure datacenter and accesible from wide variety of devices

In easy words is to throw away all the CPU we have and have a single virtual server controling everthing. How is it? One pc cost 2-3K. If we have 500pc's in a company, why dont we control all by virtual server only.Using VMware View, your can use Office 2000 or Office 2007 at one time.Troubleshooting will be on remote server which reduces time and energy for IT tec like us.Interesting.!
But please dun mistaken that desktop virtualizing will reduce software license.It will not reduce license since it still maintain as per user used.

Further knowledge:

***** SHRI GANESH ****

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Krabi Island Thailand-Part 2

First before i start , I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the image below because without them we wont be flying anywhere with low budget.And also because of the superb promo package, we would like to thank Tan Sri  Anthony Francis Fernandes  for introducing Air Asia !!
" Now Everyone Can Fly " .


 Around the town in 1 hour 

Continuition from Part 1 "Kerabi Island Place of Mamamia" , this blog will be more on food and places visited in Krabi Island for viewers or anyone who wants to have rough idea about this island before goin there. Thanks to me and my firend ya..... ENsoy!!!


Not to forget one of the best tomyan food I 've eaten.The sup was simply delicious, Maybe we are teribly hungry.We choose big prawn with sotong besar and fish  plus one vegetable.Only 5 of us ate dasyatly because another one guy is vegetarian ..hahhaha pity.RACHA SEAFOOD & BAR was simply awesome and cheap.The resturant is located at Ao Nang town itself with about 5 minutes drive from Apasari resort.

Menu of the Day

Big prawn but a bit tasteless

Tomyan of the century

Duno what fish but nice

Full after eating..Relaxing

 Phi-Phi Islan Tour

Phi-Phi island your is one of the relaxing event and mind peace.We are able to view beautiful deep blue sea  and island of history. The tour took almost half day from 9am-4pm.Snorkling in the rain was a nice one because the wave is strong and the boat is swinging heavily following the strong wave. 
On way to Phi-Phi island tour

snorkling in the rain

Pirates of the Caribien in Phi Phi island

Island cave with history


Deep blue sea

Lunch time.Tomyan seafood was
extremely pedaslah!!!

swimming and enjoying the sea breath


Oh my god!! I dont think i can compose summore.I'm alredy tired composing this 2 krabi blog for almost 1 month. How I'm goin to add all 1000 photos taken at Krabi into this blog. Some are filtered one.
Hmmm that all for now on Krabi  !! adios ...sawadicup !!!
More pictures pls contact my blog follower Max Mogan because we use his camera. :)


This is an X-FILES since kainge still finding out where is Max, Senthil and my hand


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Krabi Island Thailand-Place for Mamamia-Part 1

For an exciting holiday, release tention , enjoyment and Bachelor Party ....The place we choose -Krabi Island which is approximately 3 hours from Phuket ( by boat i guess)...My trip to this island with 5 bachelor boys who needs deep exposure, is one of the most memorable one this year!! Hahaha .
The journey starts  on 20th JUN 2011 till 23th JUN2011

1)Shri Ganesh  2)Siva Balan  3)Mogan  4)Mahendran  5)Kumaran  6)Senthil

Money Budget Money!!
a)Air Asia - RM300 (to & fro) -during promotion period.
b)Accomodation - Apasari Resort - RM190 (per-person)- 4 days & 3 nights -
   3 per room- 100metre from Ao Nang beach.
c)Motorbike rent - RM10 per-day.
d)Thai massage - RM20.
e)Phi Phi island tour - RM100
f) Land tour- offspring and elephant ride -RM100

*Currency - RM100 - THB990.00    *Budget estimated - RM1000.00

We arrive at airport arond 2.30pm kerabi time and took a van to Apasari resort

Apasari pool view
  Day 1
- Arrive at Kerabi International Aiport at 2:30pm (Krabi time).
- Checking and bargaining for good island tour packages and accomadation    from the airport agent.
- Check- in to Apasari Resort at about 4pm.
- Have a good lunch at one of the restaurants 5 minutes ride from resort.
- We have booked to rooms.One room Siva, Senthil & Mogan.
- Another room   Shri , Mahen &   Kumaran.

The apasari resort bedroom consist of
 3 beds per room(1 single & 1 double bed).

Receptionist (Lobby)

Stylo mylo Boys !!! Do you think so? We have booked 4 cute pinky/bluevy bikes for our internal transportation.Around the town with this bike was unforgetable one especially when we out of gas and dunno where we were heading at nite . Hmm and everyone of us is in questionmark why Siva and Senthil wants to ride bike alone?... :) Understand  lah .....


Day 2
- Start Phi-Phi island tour at 9.00am after breakfast.
-Expeditation consist of exploring 4 beautiful island which comes with blue sea diving and snorkling.
  a)maya beach  b)mosquito island  c)bamboo island  d)monkey island
-We went around Phi Phi island using speedboat and it was raining at that time.
-More on Phi Phi island tour pictures will be posted on next blog!!

Snorkling in the rain

The Phi Phi island trip was full with beautiful scenaries.More pictures on next blog!!
Day 3
- Land tour consist of swiming at hotspring and elephant ride
-The hotspring waterfall was quit warm and more like natural sona.
- We were sweating once out of the hotspring waterfall.

Blue pool with steam
Emerald pool


Hot spring ...Warm...

Blue pool

The elephant ride was a challenging one. Kumaran was so excited and wanted to sit on the head of the elephant.It seems the elephant hair is poking his leg.He was so unconformtable but what to do since the elephant don't have hand break !! hahha

Max & Mahen seems to be enjoying the ride

Elephant ride.Who is sitting on my head!!
Feeding time after the  ride

Day 4
-Last day of the trip.Lucky got some money for shopping.
-And also some photo posing shots.

Ao Nang beach
Ao Nang Town

Are they shopping or posing
sorry... short pose!!

This trip is one of the most experience trip for some of the inexperince  "Kainge" (Friend).During this trip, we have met  new friend from France-Lois de Jesus.He was with us during tour to Phi-Phi Island.

Next trip we have decided more on technical experience instead of island and land tour.More over, they wanted more on entertainment side such as fullmoon party , clubs and disco.So the place next will be Phuket & Bangkok .HOW IS IT KAINGE?

The pictures in this blog section are limited. You may enjoy more exciting  and adventurous images on the next blog..STAY TUNE!!!

Any advise on Krabi ..pls ask us. We have experience...