Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gobinathan WeDs Roghini Dhevi

Gobi & Roghini.......Finally the day arive for our friend... The Beginning of New Chapter Of Life....Gobinathan tie knot to his long time love Roghini...hehhehhe.The wedding was held on 29 January 2012 at SJK CHUN HWA 2 Taman Bagan Butterworth, Penang  from 6.00PM-7.30PM.......

Chapter starts  or chapter closed...:)

This is actually the smile of the century!!!

Today you are joined in marriage
remember to always
Be understanding of your partner's needs,
Hold each other in the highest regard,
Have a sense of humour as you meet life's challenges
Honour one another always,
Respect each other differences,
ENjoy the good times and endure the storms,
Make your dreams come true together

 Kathir's princess

Mapu.....putthu Mapillai!

OK..Left one more to go!!! hahaha..NANBAN DA!!
Bro MA!

This blog is dedicated to Mr&Mrs Gobi...Congrats Dei!!Enssooyyy!!!

**** SHRI GANESH ****

Monday, 23 January 2012

My Nallanggu-an event before wedding

26th Nov.2011-My Nallangu. An important ceremony before  wedding. It consist of three trays. The first tray contains “kumkum”, Turmeric paste, ground Sikah , three mixed oils and rosewater . The second tray holds whole betelnut placed together with betel leaf and fresh flowers . The third tray contains coins and a brass container with arathi (a mixture of lime and a little tumeric powder in water which turns red. Married ladies apply “kumkum” on the forehead of the bride, apply turmeric paste to the brides hands, legs, and face, sprinkle oil and flowers on her hair as well as rose water . Arathi is performed which completes the beautification and cleansing ceremony.What about BRIDEGROOM?  Same-lah!
Where did I get this information from?? !! GOOGLE LAH BROTHER!!! :)
Enjoy the Photos below!!!

My family..aik mams missing!

Babaji Asirvatham

My Own Design

Thats all for Nalangu photos .....wait for my wedding & other event photos on the next coming blog!!....

**** SHRI GANESH*****

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Ponggal

My 1st ponggal celebration at home Puchong. Nothing like the previous ponggal grand celebration in SK  which consist of 10 person , this time with only Mr & Mrs Shri Ganesh. :)
Its very difficult to get mango leaves but thanks to  my TAMAN guard guy who manage to get dozen of mango leaves last nite.
Ponggal rice and kacang are the main item of the day .

While Menaka is busy doing kolam yesterday night, I was enjoying the victory of Red Devilz against Bolton

What is Pongal?

    **** SHRI GANESH****

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Nanban -The Movie 2012

Finally the remake of Amir Khan-3 Idiots has arrived-Shankar- Nanban .The awaiting movie of 2012. Best part is, I'm 1 out of 5 that have not watch the blockbuster 3 Idiots YET in this world!.Hmmmmm. Good also. Without any high expectation and comparison to compare with , I went and watch at Federal Theatre with a bunch of mix group of anti lovable vijay fans .

The movie was extremely funny no matter Santhanam or Vadivelu or Vivek is not there.It is very difficult to accept Vijay in that character but I feel he did a good job. Credits also goes to Srikanth and Single Pack "Jeeva".A good turning point for Srikanth.

BUT I feel , if Suriya replaced Vijay's role , we can see some extraordinary world class face expression with heart breaking feeling especially on the crying scene. U'll know Vijay cry means no tears one .Haahahha! sorry- I neither Vijay nor Suriya fan!
OMG! I forgot- Ileana....Semme Slim!!!..... but if Trisha replace ...... :) Nvm understand enough!
OK Now must go watch 3 Idiots(Hindi). Lets see which one is good!!!

Happy Ponggal!!!!

**** SHRI GANESH ****