Friday, 24 May 2013

Toyota Vios Services Cost - Toyota Service Centre Malaysia

    Anyone owns a Toyota Vios. Here is some infomation for the car services cost each 10,000km at any of your nearest Toyota Service Centre. If you think buying a car is expensive, maintaining and  servicing the car are even more. I assumed other owners also felt the same. I have lost the early services receipt and only managed to blog what I have.
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Services Summary

    Other Maintainance: To change  GoodYear tyre will cost RM185.00 per tyre and it is better to do alignment and balancing outside which will cost around RM35 to RM45. The air-cond service cost at Toyota centre  are RM350.00 but I have not done it yet because it is too expensive and my air-cond is still good.
    Recently the Toyota service is quit good since they are offering free t-shirt and drinks upon per-services, maybe very tight competition from other car distributors.Thanks for reading. My next service will be 70,000 and the major service is at 80,000km. Gone!!!



  1. Nissan gives same customer service. Major services (40k, 80k, etc) sure expensive. But I notice my Nissan Sentra normal service around <RM200.

  2. Below RM200 is miracle. There is sure something will come up and need to change which will really makes urself a pinch....

  3. Hello, I was very encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post.
    Really great blog keep it up.

  4. Thanks for the info on the Nasi Pelita in Perai. So happen that I am going to Penang tomorrow and will be staying in Perai. I have been to the Pelita but am not sure if I have tried the sup kambing. I will try to make it this time. If you would like to meet, drop me a message on fb page

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    1. Thanx hometown is penang but lives in puchong ...but once back to penang I will never missed nasi kandar pelita....yum yum!!!

  5. My car Vios when moving up normal hill in highway no power even press on O/D. speed dropped to 40-50km/hr. by right it should be 80km/hr. what go wrong.

  6. Not sure..have u check with vios centre. ..pls share ur findinds mr. Chai.10q for sharing

  7. I get my car parts at The price is not that cheap, but not expensive either but their customer service is really great. I think your service cost here is actually quite okay

  8. I agree fully with @TheLeagueoffailure. is actually quite good. Maybe they're still small but they sell a lot of important car parts, especially the interior parts. They even have an android app in the google store, which indicates a really good business

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