Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Penang Murugan Temple - New Thaipusam Temple

   GOOD DAY TO ALL! Today my blog is about a temple. Penang Murugan temple or Thaipusam temple is one of the most famous temples in Malaysia. (Read related blog on thaipusam ). This temple has been newly renovated and the renovation cost is more than a red Ferrari. For those who don’t have chance to visit this multimillion cost temple, please feel free to enjoy the photos below.
Exterior temple structure
Interior design


    For your information, I’ve never been to this temple also. The photos were taken by my brothers. Hahahah. SHARING IS CARING!!! One will have a plan to visit Penang one day after viewing these photos for sure. Support Visit Malaysia 2012.
Anyway I surely will pay a visit to this temple once back to Penang. PENANG MAH!!!



  1. The temple look nice.. hope it gives peacefulness and happiness to all visit our lord muruga there...

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. how old people can walk there any facility or anything?

  4. I'm not very sure... anyway i'm goin there this weekend for Thaipusam...maybe can share something after the visit....10q

  5. The new temple is huge n beautiful....ample of space to to the old temple..I seen aot of old people walk a long the stairs but better to be accompanied. ..