Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hari Raya Open House - PM Residence Putrajaya

19 August 2012 - Hari Raya 1st Day

Raya Open House PM Official Residence Putrajaya


It was a first time experience visiting open house during Hari Raya. We had good chance to enter the prime minister official residence and shake hands with most of the ministers.We are not allowed to take photo inside but I  have took few shots outside the residence. ENJOY!

Long queue to meet PM at 10AM

Entrance to the PM residence-Seri Perdana

There are variety of foods at the PM open house. Ketupat , idli , satay , laksa, kuih-muih , mutton , chicken , pasumber , nasi goreng, mee goreng , roti bom, burger, roti canai , nasi beriyani and many more. All Malaysian food.

The time for the open house this year is from 10am-4pm. The crowd are increasing at noon and many tourist and other races turn up to be part of the festival. The event became livelier following the performance by some of the local artist. It was a good experience indeed.


We enjoyed the food to the max.
One more thing I would like to say. Attending other races open house. We only can find this in Malaysia ONLY!  . THANK YOU FOR READING.

**** SHRI GANESH****