Saturday, 25 June 2011

Krabi Island Thailand-Part 2

First before i start , I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the image below because without them we wont be flying anywhere with low budget.And also because of the superb promo package, we would like to thank Tan Sri  Anthony Francis Fernandes  for introducing Air Asia !!
" Now Everyone Can Fly " .


 Around the town in 1 hour 

Continuition from Part 1 "Kerabi Island Place of Mamamia" , this blog will be more on food and places visited in Krabi Island for viewers or anyone who wants to have rough idea about this island before goin there. Thanks to me and my firend ya..... ENsoy!!!


Not to forget one of the best tomyan food I 've eaten.The sup was simply delicious, Maybe we are teribly hungry.We choose big prawn with sotong besar and fish  plus one vegetable.Only 5 of us ate dasyatly because another one guy is vegetarian ..hahhaha pity.RACHA SEAFOOD & BAR was simply awesome and cheap.The resturant is located at Ao Nang town itself with about 5 minutes drive from Apasari resort.

Menu of the Day

Big prawn but a bit tasteless

Tomyan of the century

Duno what fish but nice

Full after eating..Relaxing

 Phi-Phi Islan Tour

Phi-Phi island your is one of the relaxing event and mind peace.We are able to view beautiful deep blue sea  and island of history. The tour took almost half day from 9am-4pm.Snorkling in the rain was a nice one because the wave is strong and the boat is swinging heavily following the strong wave. 
On way to Phi-Phi island tour

snorkling in the rain

Pirates of the Caribien in Phi Phi island

Island cave with history


Deep blue sea

Lunch time.Tomyan seafood was
extremely pedaslah!!!

swimming and enjoying the sea breath


Oh my god!! I dont think i can compose summore.I'm alredy tired composing this 2 krabi blog for almost 1 month. How I'm goin to add all 1000 photos taken at Krabi into this blog. Some are filtered one.
Hmmm that all for now on Krabi  !! adios ...sawadicup !!!
More pictures pls contact my blog follower Max Mogan because we use his camera. :)


This is an X-FILES since kainge still finding out where is Max, Senthil and my hand



  1. Krabi Island Trip Part 2- The Final Cut

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  4. Thanx guyz..will consider surely!!!