Friday, 24 May 2013

Toyota Vios Services Cost - Toyota Service Centre Malaysia

    Anyone owns a Toyota Vios. Here is some infomation for the car services cost each 10,000km at any of your nearest Toyota Service Centre. If you think buying a car is expensive, maintaining and  servicing the car are even more. I assumed other owners also felt the same. I have lost the early services receipt and only managed to blog what I have.
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Services Summary

    Other Maintainance: To change  GoodYear tyre will cost RM185.00 per tyre and it is better to do alignment and balancing outside which will cost around RM35 to RM45. The air-cond service cost at Toyota centre  are RM350.00 but I have not done it yet because it is too expensive and my air-cond is still good.
    Recently the Toyota service is quit good since they are offering free t-shirt and drinks upon per-services, maybe very tight competition from other car distributors.Thanks for reading. My next service will be 70,000 and the major service is at 80,000km. Gone!!!


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Barclays Premier League 2012/2013 Finale

    The final day of Barclays Premier League closed today with each teams competiting for their respective pride and positions. Top leaders has confirmed their championship title last week on their 20th titles collection in their cabinet. You know who I meant. The Red Devils with  recent retirement from the most successful manager in British history, Sir Alex and together with departure of one of the most dangerous midfielder, Paul Scholes and where they are called united! Manchester United.

    Bye Bye to Wigan , Reading & our Air Asia, QPR for the relegation spot and we welcome our new club of Malaysia –Cardiff!  

    Today games that needs an extra attention are not the Champions tittle or the relegation zone but the Champions League Positionand Europa League Positions which will be the 3rd, 4th & 5th position. Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs games will be the most interesting game to watch tonight with 72 70 and 69 points respectively.  All the three teams’ performance has been tremendous this past week but who will enter the Champion League? For those who are playing Fantasy Premier League or and other league in the world of online games, well-done congrats and all the best!  

There is 2 major cups: UEFA Champion League & UEFA Europe League. Congrats to Chelsea: UEFA Europa League Champion 212/2013. Hope to see you'll again next season !!

The standing above are before the final game on 18/5/2013.....GGMU


Friday, 17 May 2013

Kota Kinabalu Trip - Part 2

     OK……Continuation from Part 1, the next trip will be island tour. Everyone was very excited to explore and visit the island called "Sapi" but only god knows why. Finally we decided to choose Manukan Island which consider the largest island of the entire island tour. We went there with a 10 seater boat and the most challenging activity there was the blue sea snorkeling that really makes our mind peace and relax.

Pulau Manukan Kota Kinabalu

    It was a wonderfull trip for all of us. Some even planned for the next trip already. Hmmm. Guyz..where will be the nex trip ? CAMBODIA or THAILAND. Thank You to all of you for making this trip a memorable one. Last but not least....Thanks for reading. Bye!
Hei....... You all still can enjoy the "Mix Masala Photos Below"..... Enjoylah!!!



Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kota Kinabalu Trip - Part 1

    Trip to Kota Kinabalu was a wonderful one with our team called Megapavilion. It was the first friends & family outing of year 2013. Why we choose Kota Kinabalu? No one knows. It just came across in our mind but the most important thing that it was agreed by all the parliment and dun members. LOL!

    It was a short 3 days 2 night trip at Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel which located at the heart of KK town and 10 minutes drive from KK Airport. Thanks to our special " Tour Guide Puva " for his time and effort to accompany and guide us all the way on these tremendous 3 days journey trip at KK.

Red Devilz Geng at LCCT-departure to KK

     One of the tour includes visit to "Rumah Terbalik"(UpsideDown House).  It is located at Tamparuli. Every single things inside this home are all upside down including the bathroom and toilet bowl. Interesting right? Sorry no cameras allowed inside, so no photos. The entrance to Rumah Terbalik cost RM10 (very expensive indeed!!!).

Rumah Terbalik KK

    Our main aim to Kota Kinabalu is to visit Mount Kinabalu. If we can't hike, at least we must feel and view the beautiful sceneries of the Mount Kinabalu. Look at the photo background below. That is the peak of the mountain. It took almost 2 hours drive from our hotel.


Mount Kinabalu Hiking starts here.

More photos to come.......TO BE CONTINUE......Part 2

**** SHRI GANESH ****