Sunday, 11 August 2013

Thalaiva 2013 - Time to Lead

  Vijay's Thalaiva - The movie was released worldwide on 9th August 2013. I went and watched the movie on the third day of the release after analyzing some bad and good reviews from my friends and online review. After getting some valuable advice and opinion and WITHOUT ANY HIGH EXPECTATION, I went and watch at GSC IOI Mall.  The movie has been rated as 18 with certain limits of violence and children under 18 years old are not allowed to watch the movie in cinemas.

    The story has 2 major parts. Some may like the first part and some may prefer the second part. All Vijay, Amala Paul, Santhanam & Satyaraj plays an important part. Jokes are superb and thanks to Sathanam hilarious performance. The first song was a fast phase but I felt the dance are not that powerful enough to get along with the song. GV Prakash songs are not that famous yet and he will appear in one of the songs. 
    There are twist in Vijay & Amala Paul's role in second half. The storyline was good and it is an entertaining movie. You surely will enjoy if you are a Vijay's fan and if you are not, then there will surely be a mixed review comments. Some of my friends reviewed this movie as boring and some says that it is better then Vijay's Surra movie. Some even commented that Surya's Singam 2 is much better than  Vijay's Thalaiva. Overall the movie is consider and entertaining and fun to watch. Not that bad anyway. Go and watch lah.......Different People Different Opinion...


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hari Raya Open House 2013 - PM Residence Putrajaya

    Good Day to all bloggers and Blog readers. Today's Blog is about Hari Raya Open House at Prime Minister Residence at Seri Perdana Putrajaya.

I and my wife had the chance again to visit the PM residence and in the same time to enjoy variety of Malaysian local foods all in one place. The event starts at 10.30am-4.30pm and there are free bus service from Putrajaya Sentral to the PM's place. Anyone tak balik kampung (didn't go back hometown) on this long holidays will take this opportunity to " jalan jalan cari makan" (walkaround for food tasting).

Estimated crowd attended the event was 80,000 people. Individuals and families from all walks of life including tourist and foreigners attended the grand open house today. Photos of all kinds of foods during the event are posted below.

Roti Bom & Karipap

Nasi Ayam Rendang

Mee Goreng & Koay Teow Goreng

Puttu Piring

Kek & Apom Balik

Mee Kari & Roti Jon

There are also long queue at Milo stalls. This time we don't have the chance to enter into PM residence because of too crowded. 

Thank You for reading. Selamat Hari Raya!!!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Best Mobile Messaging Application - WeChat vs WhatsApp vs Viber

    Mobile messaging application has becoming so famous since the release of smart phones and androids phones to the mobile world. Not to get annoyed that even a 6 year old kid are using one now. World transforms the current mobile users into a drastic peak until some can't even stay without it. I am using one and it just came across into my mind to blog about the best mobile messaging applications being used currently.

    WhatsApp was the earlier one in the market has the advantages of having creative and innovative emoticons compare to Wechat but Wechat emoticons can be download directly from internet. WeChat have the features of voice calls and video calls plus it is fully a free app but WhatApp has certain limitation as a free app. WeChat has an additional features such as My QR Name Card  and photo record on moments of life which can be shared on Facebook. Both applications have the ability to send text, images, video, and location update. Basically WeChat has the most features compare to WhatApp but most of my contacts prefer WhatApp compare to Wechat for group chat.

    There is one more famous mobile messaging application- Viber. It is also free and has a voice call features. It also has the ability to send videos and photos via SMS. Viber has also beautiful and creative emoticons but I notice that the voice calls are not clear and get disconnected frequently.

    So YOU decide which one is the best! WhatsApp- WeChat or Viber. You may try installing all and see which one suit you well and user-friendly since it is a free download from Playstore. Your contacts may be in all three so don’t get confused which one to use. Bear in mind that all mobile applications require 3G or WI-FI to work. WhatsApp has controlled the current market but Wechat and others mobile application may come along to overtake WhatsApp. Let's wait and see how a mobile world  can transform more.....



Sunday, 7 July 2013

SINGAM 2 - An Indian Police 2013

    SINGAM 2... is back again and one of the most awaiting tamil movie of 2013. The sequel to Singam which was a romantic action and funny movie has hit the box office in 2010 with good response and review. Lets talk about the current SINGAM 2 which worldwide released was on the 5th of July 2013.
    This time, SINGAM 2 was a good one too. Director Hari has come out with real full nonstop action movie until the end. There are too many characters and villains in here but none of them has given much impact as how Prakrash Raj did for the first Singam. Prakrash Raj is still the best villain of all time. Hansika Motwani plays a major role  too in the first half of the movie compare to heroine Anushka Shetty. Vivek was a good combination with Suriya in Singam but this time, Santhanam has done a great job by providing a few stomach-pain joke which can consider a major comedian in SINGAM 2 compared to Vivek. Devi Sri Prasad music score was good especially the Singam dance.

    Overall, the combination of family sentiment between Suriya & his parents, love between Suriya & Anushka, comedian between Vivek & Sathanam Team and actions between Indian Police Officers and villains will surely bring this mix masala movie to the top. I am not going to revealed the story here since you may knew the story line already. Moreover some may feels the movie is a normal Hari movie with full of fights and dialogue and some may feel that the movie is boring. Please go and watch it by yourself for better review. You decide whether the roar this time is louder or not !!! Different People has Different Opinion...
    For me, the movie is good, fun, superb nonstop actions and worth to watch. My recommendation is if you are around Selangor area, please go and watch it in Summit GSC USJ THX Hall(Hall 7). Superb Sound!! Salute to Suriya's acting. Happy Reading.......


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Floria 2013 - Putrajaya Boat Decoration Videos

    Continue from previous Floria 2013 blog , here I have uploaded the boat decoration competition video which was held recently at Putrajaya. The first blog is more on photos, so this blog is all about videos. Enjoy the videos and thanks to my Galaxy Note II camera video for the watchable video and to those who do not have the chance to attend to this festival, watch lah!

Thanks again to all the blog readers............


Sunday, 30 June 2013

Floria Putrajaya 2013 - Flower & Garden Festival

    Anyone knows about Floria 2013 at Putrajaya. I was forced to go because of my wife who is so eagerly wanted to see the event. Ok let's give a try. Anyway is was an interesting event with new experienced.
    What is Floria 2013? It is an annual  flower show event. This year, the event makes a comeback at Floria 2013 with themed Orchid - Tropical Treasure. This event is being held at Waterfront, Precint 2 Putrajaya starting from 22nd June 2013 until 30th June 2013. Enjoy the photos taken at the festivals.

     Flower Galore, Showcase Garden, Royal Galore, Tea Party Garden & Floral Pavilion are the list of programs during Floria 2013. The most exciting event are the boat floral competition. Beautiful decorative boats from different states at night full fill the festivals with joy and excitement. Why I didn't notice boat exhibition from Penang state?

    Today is the last day for the festival. If anyone who missed it, please go and enjoy it. The floral gardens and orchids may be boring for guys but you may enjoy the decorative boat exhibitions at night. Forget to mention , it is free of charge including parking. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Man of Steel - Superman 2013

      Hello bloggers and blog readers. Do you remember this phrase?
"It's a bird.....It's a plane..NO It's SUPERMAN!. Now in 2013, they named it Man of Steel. I went and watch the movie at our nearest cinema and to be frank, this is not a normal Superman movie. One may think that this movie is based on Superman's background and also a normal Superman daily routine on helping people in need but this is something different.

     This movie has its own uniqueness and credits goes to the director Zack Snyder (300 & Watchman) for bringing the story differently and more on how the acceptance of Superman to this planet. The 3D graphics are good and worth watching in 3D cinemas. The war against Crypton Man was awesome with buildings being crushed down as how Hulk used to do in Avengers. Of course not to forget these names, Clarke Kent & Lois Lane.
     In line with all the famous actors in these movie which are : Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Robin Hood 2010& Beautiful Mind) as Superman's dad, Kevin Costner(The Bodyguard & Dragonfly) as Superman's guardian , Laurence Fishburne (Matrix & CSI) as Daily Planet boss. The rest are not that famous compare to all this award winning actors including our 30 years old Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (Superman 2013). 
    The late Christopher Reeves may been all time favorite Superman hero but Cavill may be something to be watched. Anyone has watched the movie? What do you think?



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Online/SMS frauds and scams - Important!!

    Good Day blog readers. Just for your information. I guess many of you have faced this situation as well. Online frauds and scams are everwhere nowdays. I also have received a scam SMS from Shell :
“RM0 .YOUR CARD  Berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr SHELL (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU No siri. XRXXXXX. Sila dail talian : 012-8613-667."
I went through the link website and it is active and looks real. (see below)

Scams and online frauds
     The best part on this website is the Malay language. The words and sentence used here are weird and funny. What I did was to call all the hand phone numbers stated on the website from my office number but no one took the call. Finally a guy by the name of Hj. Ismail answered the phone. The way he spoke looks like an Indonesian guy. He ask for my series number on my phone SMS but I told him that I will call him back later since my phone is not with me. I immediately called the Shell hotline-1 300 88 1808 and they have confirmed that it is actually a scam. They have reported this to the police but they also not sure why the website is still active and accessible.
    Guys out there, when receive this SMS, please do ignore!!! Don't get too excited by providing them all the information they ask ok!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

4G -LTE coverage by Maxis

    The first Malaysian telco to launch the 4G-LTE service -Maxis country's first 4G network coverage. With this 4G LTE coverage, we will experience greater download speeds, smoother video streams and lag-free gaming with better online satisfaction. Most of the current smart phones and androids equipped with 3G network coverage but with the current 4G technologies, we will experience 5 to 10 times faster speed than 3G. Maxis has launched its 4G LTE service 6 months ago and available at selected parts in Klang Valley. Maxis also has unveiled that the first crop of 4G LTE smartphones that will work on the country's first 4G network are the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC's One XL. Other models maybe soon.

    Sometimes the 3G coverage in certain places are terrible and weak, so let's see what 4G coverage can do!!.Looking forward for 4G LTE soon for my android......


Friday, 24 May 2013

Toyota Vios Services Cost - Toyota Service Centre Malaysia

    Anyone owns a Toyota Vios. Here is some infomation for the car services cost each 10,000km at any of your nearest Toyota Service Centre. If you think buying a car is expensive, maintaining and  servicing the car are even more. I assumed other owners also felt the same. I have lost the early services receipt and only managed to blog what I have.
Sharing is Caring...

Services Summary

    Other Maintainance: To change  GoodYear tyre will cost RM185.00 per tyre and it is better to do alignment and balancing outside which will cost around RM35 to RM45. The air-cond service cost at Toyota centre  are RM350.00 but I have not done it yet because it is too expensive and my air-cond is still good.
    Recently the Toyota service is quit good since they are offering free t-shirt and drinks upon per-services, maybe very tight competition from other car distributors.Thanks for reading. My next service will be 70,000 and the major service is at 80,000km. Gone!!!


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Barclays Premier League 2012/2013 Finale

    The final day of Barclays Premier League closed today with each teams competiting for their respective pride and positions. Top leaders has confirmed their championship title last week on their 20th titles collection in their cabinet. You know who I meant. The Red Devils with  recent retirement from the most successful manager in British history, Sir Alex and together with departure of one of the most dangerous midfielder, Paul Scholes and where they are called united! Manchester United.

    Bye Bye to Wigan , Reading & our Air Asia, QPR for the relegation spot and we welcome our new club of Malaysia –Cardiff!  

    Today games that needs an extra attention are not the Champions tittle or the relegation zone but the Champions League Positionand Europa League Positions which will be the 3rd, 4th & 5th position. Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs games will be the most interesting game to watch tonight with 72 70 and 69 points respectively.  All the three teams’ performance has been tremendous this past week but who will enter the Champion League? For those who are playing Fantasy Premier League or and other league in the world of online games, well-done congrats and all the best!  

There is 2 major cups: UEFA Champion League & UEFA Europe League. Congrats to Chelsea: UEFA Europa League Champion 212/2013. Hope to see you'll again next season !!

The standing above are before the final game on 18/5/2013.....GGMU


Friday, 17 May 2013

Kota Kinabalu Trip - Part 2

     OK……Continuation from Part 1, the next trip will be island tour. Everyone was very excited to explore and visit the island called "Sapi" but only god knows why. Finally we decided to choose Manukan Island which consider the largest island of the entire island tour. We went there with a 10 seater boat and the most challenging activity there was the blue sea snorkeling that really makes our mind peace and relax.

Pulau Manukan Kota Kinabalu

    It was a wonderfull trip for all of us. Some even planned for the next trip already. Hmmm. Guyz..where will be the nex trip ? CAMBODIA or THAILAND. Thank You to all of you for making this trip a memorable one. Last but not least....Thanks for reading. Bye!
Hei....... You all still can enjoy the "Mix Masala Photos Below"..... Enjoylah!!!



Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kota Kinabalu Trip - Part 1

    Trip to Kota Kinabalu was a wonderful one with our team called Megapavilion. It was the first friends & family outing of year 2013. Why we choose Kota Kinabalu? No one knows. It just came across in our mind but the most important thing that it was agreed by all the parliment and dun members. LOL!

    It was a short 3 days 2 night trip at Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel which located at the heart of KK town and 10 minutes drive from KK Airport. Thanks to our special " Tour Guide Puva " for his time and effort to accompany and guide us all the way on these tremendous 3 days journey trip at KK.

Red Devilz Geng at LCCT-departure to KK

     One of the tour includes visit to "Rumah Terbalik"(UpsideDown House).  It is located at Tamparuli. Every single things inside this home are all upside down including the bathroom and toilet bowl. Interesting right? Sorry no cameras allowed inside, so no photos. The entrance to Rumah Terbalik cost RM10 (very expensive indeed!!!).

Rumah Terbalik KK

    Our main aim to Kota Kinabalu is to visit Mount Kinabalu. If we can't hike, at least we must feel and view the beautiful sceneries of the Mount Kinabalu. Look at the photo background below. That is the peak of the mountain. It took almost 2 hours drive from our hotel.


Mount Kinabalu Hiking starts here.

More photos to come.......TO BE CONTINUE......Part 2

**** SHRI GANESH ****

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Karthi in Alex Pandian 2013- The Movie

    One of the first Tamil movie released of 2013- Alex Pandian in cinema now for Ponggal 2013. What can I say about the movie? Karti, Anuskha, Santanam combined in this mixture of funny & action movie. The movie is really  funny especially with Santanam' s joke but.......

  This movie is about CM's daughter (ANUSKHA) who was kidnapped by a local useless smart Bad boy (Alex Pandian-Karthi) but later on changes his mind to help her instead knowing about the truth of villains bad action. The movie has a flashback story on how the kidnap goes but from the start untill mid movie was really a stomach pain hilarious joke by our Santanam and Karti together with Santanam"s 3 cute sisters.

    Songs were good by Devi Sri Prasad. I was waiting for the Vanakum Vanakum - Bad boys song and thought it was censored but it was aired at the end of the movie (same as Billa 2). I felt that the movie will flop without Santanam joke because it is just a normal fun going story which I felt director Suraaj took the movie just for time passing. Some of the actions are totally not logic but if you are Karti or Santanam's fan, then you may enjoy some of their naughty combination. There is a lot of double meaning jokes in this movie but no used if they have silenced the words because there are English subtitles below that reveals every single meaning. Hahaha. Thank you for reading. Just watch the movie for fun and time pass.

Thanks to U-Tube for the Bad Boys video clip

   ****SHRI GANESH****