Monday, 28 May 2012

Fogging - Need to pay?

    This incident happen today at Puchong when a group of guys came knocking at the gate for fogging. He told me that there are dengue cases reported here and needs protection. He ask for my name and number of stays in the house. He didn't mention about any cost at that moment. BUT I have faced this situation before at Seri Kembangan 2 years ago where I paid them RM30 to fog around there.Then I realised that this project should be handle by the government and not private body.    
     Today, I ask them today how much is the cost? He told me RM50 yearly or RM10 for once. I told him that this supposed to be handle by Ministry of Health rite? He told me " Kalau nak ambil , tanak kalau tape , saya ada banyak rumah lagi" ( if you want, you take it, don't want then never mind, I have other houses to cover). I  rejected his offer and he went off. There is few around here paid them anyway.

    Anyone can give a clear explanation "DO WE NEED TO PAY OR NOT?"  I guess the ministry should answer this for all......


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Men In Black 3 -Gardens GSC Signature

   It was fun to watch Man In Black 3 on the first day of the release. Moreover in 3D with THX Sound System. Cool yeah.Thanks to Hitachi Data System Unified Storage Launching at The Gardens GSC Signature on 24th May 2012 .

   Will Smith is back in action after quit some time with this catchy funny alien movie.WHAT CAN I COMMENT ABOUT THIS MOVIE!!.... NOT SO NICE!!!OK lahhhh! If Compare with Avengers....of course lah AVENGERS dude!!!!

Siva ,Jain Velan Saidi & Gunalan -MIB3 Movie trip
The food was good.Covered my dinner!!
Enjoying the show

**** SHRI GANESH*****

Monday, 21 May 2012

Multi Function Electric Lunch Box

  While I am crazily thinking what to blog, then I was surprised when my wife lovingly gave me a gift .It was a Multi Function Electric Lunch Box.Hahhaha. I ask her , why do I need this? She smiled. But I laugh after that because she said that is NOT FOR ME...It is for her.....:). Hmmmmm. 

"me you"
Anyway her lunch cost reduced!.There is no further explanation about this product because everything is in Chinese. Wa pu che tau...Sia Sia....

**** SHRI GANESH****

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Trip to Bali-2011-Part 2

   Followup from the previous Blog, MY TRIP TO BALI-PART 2  journey continues with beautiful photos from  "Temple Visit" .

1st  is the "Tirtha Empul Holy Temple".The Hindu society believes that this water source from this temple can heal many type of deceased , hence everyday there is many of Hindu people visited this place to do ritual and sanctify them self. Now this place has been one of the tourist attraction in Bali.

The Uluwatu

The Uluwatu Temple is the one has beautiful sceneries in Bali. As you can see from the photos below , the background is actually an Indian ocean connecting to this island and one can view wonderful sunset here.Guys must be very care full here because of some dangerous monkeys - it will attack if you had anything with you ,eg : hat,camera, foods and many more. Luckily my guide had a stick with him to chase it away.

Kintamani & Coffee Farm

As you can can see the photos below , two places we visited :
1) Kintamani-beautiful panorama surrounded with an active volcano( Badur) which will erupt anytime...
2) Coffee and fruit farm - We had few cups of different type of coffees and teas. Superb!
The Bali coffee is similar to our Tongkat Ali here I guess....and from here I got to know what is Coffee Luwak(Civet coffee) -the most expensive coffee in the world.Once you knew how it was made , you WON'T drink it.HAHAHAA. Anyway go and try it. I don't have the chance to try! More expensive than Starbuck anyway...


Tanah Lot means small island floating on the sea. Tanah Lot owns a magnificent view in particular at the sunset time where the sun slows down to the earth stomach. Another marvelous place to view sunset.

That all for now.It was an unforgetable trip.We  will make a trip AGAIN to this place  FORSURE! ....

Bye Bye Bali!!!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Blog: My Trip To Bali-2011- Part 1

My Blog: My Trip To Bali-2011- Part 1: It's really difficult to find place for honeymoon which has good environment ,peace , beautiful and also affordable .That is where we decide...