Wednesday, 17 August 2011

MY red BLM Saga 1.3 Auto -Problem !!

Problem! Problem! Problem!......MY red BLM Saga 1.3 Auto, what can I say about my first Ferrari.
Firstly my door handle broken , so they have to remove my oil tank cover for colour comparison for the door handle.I was without my oil tank cover for 2 weeks.Luckilyy no one "drank" my petrol.
Secondly my air-cond button broken. I taught that the whole set of air-cond controller gone because I can't adjust the speed of the air-cond but then I realise that the air-cond switch has broken.Have to change that.
Thirdly is my power window.I am unable to wind down my passenger window from driver's side but from the passenger side it works! I have to change the power window switch on the driver side.
Fourthly is my signal light.Out of a sudden my signal lights and my hazard light signal are not working.I went to the nearest workshop and they unable to detect. Next day I went to proton workshop and they confirmed that the hazard light switch spoil that causing the signal light failure and need to change .IT IS A COMMON PROBLEM FOR BLM SAGA IT SEEMS....Hmmmmm. What ELSE can I say about this 3 years old car. Only 3 years OLD!!! 

My BLM Saga 1.3 Auto

The only best thing I can say about Saga BLM is the Air-Cond coldness. The air-cond is superbly cold and even at point 1,
but other than that it is..........!!! hmmmm

**** SHRI GANESH ****


  1. so ape lg..tukar keta la bro...hehe

  2. dei....KIA FORTE tak cantik lah

    feeda...takde duit ler.....OT tak cukup..:)

  3. trade in with BMW worth it ke? hmmmm

  4. wow...Saga BLM change with BMW/ Kia Forte????
    hmmmm not worth at all...

  5. haiz my saga blm lebih teruk ! ~ some part of the flat board have noise when driving . and the engine part have weird sound like " ding ding ding " when driving ! the most fuck up thing is the aircond compressor sound will become very loud suddenly ! and my brake repaired for so many times but it still have noise when i press it ! but this is my only car. i have no money to buy another car =3= . haiz

    1. relax bro...malaysian my back break light not working...hmmmm but air cond masih power lagi!!!

  6. Aircond blm saga 1.3 jgk.. aircond X power langsung even though I turned the temp dial to max & fan to level 3.. dah 3 kali topup gas masih sama.. bila pegi check xde pun bocor.. kete ni wife pakai so asyik complain panas bila bawak g keje.. I have another waja but the aircond is superb

  7. Unable to predict on malaysian car electronic parts.....cheh!!!...we are servising every 5000km...not cheap...vios all service 10000km only...hmmm

  8. Now what happen to your ferrary bro?? Is it still with u or already change to bmuu?? Haha.. for me.. it comes by 2 word with 10 sentence..
    "If it is to it up to me" think by yourself.. how was you maintain your car.. n what method that you used your car.. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  9. 1st,3rd,4rd same problem with my saga blm bro.. hahaha...hais..

  10. Does anyone know how to solve the problem of sound that comes when I turn the left signal? The sound is like "zreeek zreeeek" buzzing sound, like electrical or electronics (like a fly zapped by insect zapper)? Whats wrong? One thing for sure, my hazard has been faulty for 6 months. Any relationship with it? Can anyone with same, similar experience, advise, troubleshoot what is the cause and solution? How to get rid of the sound? Is it risky?