Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Karthi in Alex Pandian 2013- The Movie

    One of the first Tamil movie released of 2013- Alex Pandian in cinema now for Ponggal 2013. What can I say about the movie? Karti, Anuskha, Santanam combined in this mixture of funny & action movie. The movie is really  funny especially with Santanam' s joke but.......

  This movie is about CM's daughter (ANUSKHA) who was kidnapped by a local useless smart Bad boy (Alex Pandian-Karthi) but later on changes his mind to help her instead knowing about the truth of villains bad action. The movie has a flashback story on how the kidnap goes but from the start untill mid movie was really a stomach pain hilarious joke by our Santanam and Karti together with Santanam"s 3 cute sisters.

    Songs were good by Devi Sri Prasad. I was waiting for the Vanakum Vanakum - Bad boys song and thought it was censored but it was aired at the end of the movie (same as Billa 2). I felt that the movie will flop without Santanam joke because it is just a normal fun going story which I felt director Suraaj took the movie just for time passing. Some of the actions are totally not logic but if you are Karti or Santanam's fan, then you may enjoy some of their naughty combination. There is a lot of double meaning jokes in this movie but no used if they have silenced the words because there are English subtitles below that reveals every single meaning. Hahaha. Thank you for reading. Just watch the movie for fun and time pass.

Thanks to U-Tube for the Bad Boys video clip

   ****SHRI GANESH****