Saturday, 6 October 2012

Which TV to buy? Plasma or LCD or LED

     Anyone out there plans to buy a TV. How to buy? What brand to buy? Which is good? Complicating!
    Year 2012 TV technologies have gone to an extreme until TV price is going like tsunami. First let’s talk about technologies. Plasma & LCD. There are many TV brands out there competing among each others to produce the best for users and to enjoy the entertainment environment from home. Big names are the SAMSUNG, SONY, LG, SHARP, PANASONIC, Hitachi etc.
     Based on internet and online survey reviews, PLASMA TV wins majority in comparison with LCD TV. BUT everyone has their own point of view and likeness on how their TV can satisfy them.
(what is plasma display)  (what is LCD display).

Comparison on Plasma TV vs LCD TV :  My Homework!

1) Plasma TV is cheaper than LCD TV (Plasma: RM800 -RM2500).
2) LCD TV is brighter then PLASMA TV because of LED lights- Some says plasma wins on picture quality.
3) PLASMA TV viewing angle on off axis is better than LCD TV. It means from any angle you watch a plasma TV, you can view clearly compare to LCD TV.
4) Plasma TV contrast ration is better than LCD (plasma offers the best black level but LCD also coming up with LED Backlighting with local dimming technology).
5) Plasma TV works well on fast moving images compare to LCD which caught up with laggingness.
6) Some recommending buying LCD TV for below 40 inch size and Plasma TV for above 40 inch for better viewing.
7) LCD TV has the lowest power consumption compare to Plasma TV. Real Power Saving Technology.
8) ASTRO also suits well on Plasma TV compare to LCD TV(analogue) but some HD channels are good on LCD/LED TV's.

    Some might want to ask, What About LED TV's. LED TV's is actually an LCD TV that uses LED's to illuminate the display. LED TV's has two types, one is called the "edge lit"- the LED lights are around the perimeter and one more type are placing the LED's across the back of the display-the "back lit".

    Sony and Samsung has come up with LED TV's that has premium picture quality together with ultra-realistic 3D effect that really touches the world of home entertainment viewing. Watching HD blue ray movies like Avengers & Transformers on the LED TV's with superb surround home theater system will be one of the best weekend activities you will never experience! One can say bye to GSC & TGV Cinemas.

    Years to come, the LCD or LED will be equally competing with Plasma in terms of price. In future every house will be having a minimum 50inch and above home theater sytem with full LED back lit technology. What other technologies they are going to introduced in future, WHO KNOWS!!

    Guys, have you decide, WHAT TYPE TO BUY & WHICH IS THE BEST? hmmmmm. My Brand-Samsung, Sony & LG. Feel free to drop your comments. Thank You.

**** SHRI GANESH ****



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    1. Thanks for reading. Have you made up your mind what type of tv to buy?

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