Saturday, 7 July 2012

Competitor For ASTRO?

    ASTRO  has been the largest pay television provider in Malaysia. Its very rare to see houses without ASTRO now days. NOW there is a new player in a cable television market called ABN (Asian Broadcast Network). ABN set to launch its services somewhere in June and July 2012. Its good to have a competitor  for this services , at least ASTRO will reduce their package price. Correct?

    ABN is something like those days analogue cable TV (MEGA TV-appears once upon a time and then disappear). This daring digital cable TV is set to provide 50-60 channels upon launching and offering at cheaper price at start. This will be good news for those who do not have ASTRO at home. They are setting up their centre at Puchong Gateway,  next to Seri Kembangan toll and vacancies are available at ABN for many positions currently.
   According to Business Times, ABN choose Fibrecom and Tenaga Nasional as its back haul fibre optic partner and Fibrecom  51% shares owns by Telekom Malaysia. Since ABN is using fibre optics as their cable, I'm not very sure whether the UNIFI fibre optic cable can be used with it? For those who have UNIFI, maybe there is a benefit on that. Since ABN can offer more than 2000 channels, what for ASTRO?

    The new CEO, Sreedhar Subramaniam is bringing this project towards frontier as how Tan Sri Tony Fernandez did for Air Asia. Let's see..... ALL THE  BEST ABN !!!



  1. If ASTRO give 50% discount upon launching of ABN ...good also:)...

  2. i just found the website,job vacancies available:

  3. TM has launched unifi home package. It contains some free channels to view but it isn't sufficient to compete with Astro..

    Hope ABN can give strong competition to ASTRO like Celcom's competitor Maxis and Digi.. So we can always have a best service in a best rate plans.. :)

  4. yup anyway , ASTRO called me few times for BEYOND promotion. I told them pls stop calling me. I think they jus want us to tie contract with them since ABN is comin!

  5. hi!good eving mr.shri,
    im thanal here im founding vacancy at ABN as clerk,how to apply to there?please help me mr.shri. thank you.

  6. this my email

  7. good morning,
    I named thanal, I was looking for vacant positions as clerks around selangor, recently I found out there are offering vacancy in your company. I wish to apply for the position in your company and I am ready to work at any case, here I need help from applying for vacant jobs. I sincerely hope that you will reply my email. so thank you. hey one malaysia.

  8. hie tannal, im not the ownner for ABN. ANyway you may check the website:

    you may email to them or call them directly for appointment. All the best on ur job search.