Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Online/SMS frauds and scams - Important!!

    Good Day blog readers. Just for your information. I guess many of you have faced this situation as well. Online frauds and scams are everwhere nowdays. I also have received a scam SMS from Shell :
“RM0 .YOUR CARD  Berjaya & menangi hadiah GRAND PRIZE dr SHELL (M) Berhad RM20,000 RIBU No siri. XRXXXXX. Sila dail talian : 012-8613-667. www.shellmy.tk."
I went through the link website and it is active and looks real. (see below)

Scams and online frauds
     The best part on this website is the Malay language. The words and sentence used here are weird and funny. What I did was to call all the hand phone numbers stated on the website from my office number but no one took the call. Finally a guy by the name of Hj. Ismail answered the phone. The way he spoke looks like an Indonesian guy. He ask for my series number on my phone SMS but I told him that I will call him back later since my phone is not with me. I immediately called the Shell hotline-1 300 88 1808 and they have confirmed that it is actually a scam. They have reported this to the police but they also not sure why the website is still active and accessible.
    Guys out there, when receive this SMS, please do ignore!!! Don't get too excited by providing them all the information they ask ok!



  1. i gor the sms too..im not that stupid to believe em'..thay should try harder..stupid asshole tryin to rip peoples money..what u post in ur blog really nice and help people out there..thanks

    1. youre welcome friend...hopethis blog benefits to all....

  2. Thanks for the warning! One Hj Mohd Yusof told me to go to the ATM outlet and call him for further instructions before inserting my ATM card. At the ATM I read bank and police warnings not to entertain instructions from outside sources about your ATM transactions. This made me thinking, and I phoned the so-called Hj Yusuf that I would contact him again later. I have now made a search with Google the said website. I didn't click the WS but I noticed and clicked your ws, which mention 'scam.' I am relieved for having not gone through the ATM transactions as requested by Hj Yusuf. Thanks again!
    M. Azhar, Bandar Baru Bangi.