Sunday, 23 June 2013

Man of Steel - Superman 2013

      Hello bloggers and blog readers. Do you remember this phrase?
"It's a bird.....It's a plane..NO It's SUPERMAN!. Now in 2013, they named it Man of Steel. I went and watch the movie at our nearest cinema and to be frank, this is not a normal Superman movie. One may think that this movie is based on Superman's background and also a normal Superman daily routine on helping people in need but this is something different.

     This movie has its own uniqueness and credits goes to the director Zack Snyder (300 & Watchman) for bringing the story differently and more on how the acceptance of Superman to this planet. The 3D graphics are good and worth watching in 3D cinemas. The war against Crypton Man was awesome with buildings being crushed down as how Hulk used to do in Avengers. Of course not to forget these names, Clarke Kent & Lois Lane.
     In line with all the famous actors in these movie which are : Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Robin Hood 2010& Beautiful Mind) as Superman's dad, Kevin Costner(The Bodyguard & Dragonfly) as Superman's guardian , Laurence Fishburne (Matrix & CSI) as Daily Planet boss. The rest are not that famous compare to all this award winning actors including our 30 years old Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (Superman 2013). 
    The late Christopher Reeves may been all time favorite Superman hero but Cavill may be something to be watched. Anyone has watched the movie? What do you think?




  1. To do a similar version of movie is easy but to do something different and box office hit is really challenging

  2. the movie was superb!!! i really enjoyed the movie..