Sunday, 9 June 2013

4G -LTE coverage by Maxis

    The first Malaysian telco to launch the 4G-LTE service -Maxis country's first 4G network coverage. With this 4G LTE coverage, we will experience greater download speeds, smoother video streams and lag-free gaming with better online satisfaction. Most of the current smart phones and androids equipped with 3G network coverage but with the current 4G technologies, we will experience 5 to 10 times faster speed than 3G. Maxis has launched its 4G LTE service 6 months ago and available at selected parts in Klang Valley. Maxis also has unveiled that the first crop of 4G LTE smartphones that will work on the country's first 4G network are the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC's One XL. Other models maybe soon.

    Sometimes the 3G coverage in certain places are terrible and weak, so let's see what 4G coverage can do!!.Looking forward for 4G LTE soon for my android......


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