Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Life of Pi"- The Movie (2012)

    Award winning director Ang Lee came back again with an unknown box movie “ Life of Pi”. Ang Lee - previous famous movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" is consider one the most leading and most award winning director in the world.

    To be frank, the movie visual effects are eye popping especially on 3D effect. A superb 3D imaginary life cycle on the journey across Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker was like watching Discovery Channel at Pacific Ocean on HD. The special effect were stunning and you will realize 100% on the hard work and creativity by the technical group and director towards the completion of this Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi”. The story telling is outstanding until you will understand at the end the moral of the stories and some interesting story twisting.

      Having zero expectation and zero knowledge before watching the movie  is fun and guys you will enjoy it BUT on 3D effects. The price at GSC IOI Mall is RM17.00  including 3D glass. The movie is OK for children too. Thank You for reading.

 Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert called the film a “miraculous achievement of storytelling” and deamed it one of the year’s best films.



  1. Worth for the money!!! Enjoy the movie!

  2. i really enjoyed the movie... the 3d graffic superb..
    the movie will become very special if you understand the hidden message... :)