Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013 - Bye Bye 2012

    The year 2012 passes like a bullet. 365 days just like a piece of peanut “Now You See Now You Don't. Where it went? What we did? What is going on? Everything we will only realized it today –The End of Day of 2012. We will always carry the lessons of the past with us and looks confidently towards future. What happened in past has always been a memorable one whether it is sour or sweet.

    The year 2012 starts with new relationship and new lifestyle in me. The life after marriage is considered one of the most challenging activities in everyone life. Of course there is a lot more to come but the moments of going through it is something extraordinary. One will always felt frustration and also happiness facing it but smiling later on thinking about it over and over again. Correct GUYZ! Responsibilities, Commitment & Understanding have always been main subject for “The Life after Marriage”.

    Many interesting things happen in 2012. There are weddings, functions, vacation, visiting’s and many more to be named. House, job, financial and families have always been like a test in life. Each individual have their own life and method on how to face it I guess. Each challenges brings us together and each accomplishment makes us stronger & stronger.

    On every New Year day, we will always organize a party in KL together with my brother but not this year. This New Year celebration, we are having a pot luck dinner at friends house which I will upload it on the next blog.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013. Let’s hope our dreams come true on the next wonderful years. Friends, Relatives, Families & All - ENJOY LAH!
BYE BYE 2012. Thanx for reading.



  1. Exactly you wrote what I felt... family n frens have made our life merrier... my best of luck wishes to all our family and friends. ...