Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Bibiwok Nyonya & Thai Cuisine on Christmas eve

    Having Tomyan Thai food on Christmas eve was something unexpected but we just wanted to try something new for dinner. We were just driving around Puchong (jalan-jalan cari makan)  until we passed by this restoran BIBIWOK Nyonya & Thai cuisine . It is situated at Bandar Puteri Puchong, near to Hong Leong Bank Bandar Puteri and next to BumbuBali restoran.

    The food was good especially the tomyan seafood, almost similar to Krabhi Thailand style (I have eaten before at Krabi Thailand). The Thai “paprik” chicken style is consider a right choice and a good combination with  Tomyam Seafood. Those who just wanted to give a try a good delicious tomyan thai soup, then I surely will recommend this shop.

Thai Padprik Chicken & Tomyan Seafood
    There are always hidden cost such as the tissues & tidbits but if you are going there for the food, then don't bother. No comment on the food. Simply good. MERRY CHRISTMAS! ENJOY!



  1. The dishes are simply delicious. The restoran environment also nice. Thank you for a wonderful dinner.....