Thursday, 24 May 2012

Men In Black 3 -Gardens GSC Signature

   It was fun to watch Man In Black 3 on the first day of the release. Moreover in 3D with THX Sound System. Cool yeah.Thanks to Hitachi Data System Unified Storage Launching at The Gardens GSC Signature on 24th May 2012 .

   Will Smith is back in action after quit some time with this catchy funny alien movie.WHAT CAN I COMMENT ABOUT THIS MOVIE!!.... NOT SO NICE!!!OK lahhhh! If Compare with Avengers....of course lah AVENGERS dude!!!!

Siva ,Jain Velan Saidi & Gunalan -MIB3 Movie trip
The food was good.Covered my dinner!!
Enjoying the show

**** SHRI GANESH*****


  1. I guess not worth watching in means OK OK!!

  2. a. We ate at the Paradiso cafe inside the GSC Signature. Food not bad, but limited variety....
    b. Didn't tell about the story of the 'ice cream'? ;-)

  3. cream story should be secret one...becos pity Saidi....hahahhha