Monday, 28 May 2012

Fogging - Need to pay?

    This incident happen today at Puchong when a group of guys came knocking at the gate for fogging. He told me that there are dengue cases reported here and needs protection. He ask for my name and number of stays in the house. He didn't mention about any cost at that moment. BUT I have faced this situation before at Seri Kembangan 2 years ago where I paid them RM30 to fog around there.Then I realised that this project should be handle by the government and not private body.    
     Today, I ask them today how much is the cost? He told me RM50 yearly or RM10 for once. I told him that this supposed to be handle by Ministry of Health rite? He told me " Kalau nak ambil , tanak kalau tape , saya ada banyak rumah lagi" ( if you want, you take it, don't want then never mind, I have other houses to cover). I  rejected his offer and he went off. There is few around here paid them anyway.

    Anyone can give a clear explanation "DO WE NEED TO PAY OR NOT?"  I guess the ministry should answer this for all......



  1. Nope you don't need to pay.....if there are many dengue cases reported at your taman than the jabatan kesihatan will send their fogging team.....FOC.....


  2. yes correct....public should know about this rather than wasting money unnecessarily. Thanks Devi.

  3. They are just some pest control company whose trying to make a quick buck by scaring you with dengue scares. To the uninformed they might pay in fact we shouldnt. They are not linked to any government agencies. Gores dan menang ada, fogging scam pun ada.

  4. thanx 4 the advise friend!!!