Monday, 23 April 2012


OK-OK-Orru Kal Orru Kanadi...Movie with full laughter....FullTime Power Pack Comedian, "nanben Da" Santhanam has again created super havoc in this movie after Boss@Baskaran. And this time hero is not the same Arya but new comer hero/producer-Udayanidhi Stalin with little chubby heroine Anshika Motwani.
Guyzz who haven't watch the movie -below is the storyline I got it from Wikipedia-lazy wanna compose ler!. Good movie for release tension , excellent acting by Santhanam since I felt that the hero needs some improvement in acting.(Maybe Jeeva will do better...:)..THIS ROJAK MOVIE...SUPERRRR!!!!!

This is one of the super song with SOUP dance (below)....The Making of Vennam Macam Vennam.
Real dance please go and watch it ...Maybe will screen in Box Office 951 soon or maybe Astro First..hahhaha... Enjoy!

 Please don't read if you do not want to know the storyline:

The story begins with Saravanan (Udhayanidhi) receiving his ex-girlfriend Meera’s (Hansika’s) wedding card. In order to stop the marriage,he sets out to Pondicherry along with his close buddy Parthasarathy aka Partha (Santhanam) in a janavasa car. As they embark on the journey, a flashback opens up. Saravanan, a happy-go-lucky youth, and Partha work for a multiplex in the city.
Saravanan meets Meera at a traffic signal and falls for her charm instantly. He follows her and finds out that she is an aspiring airhostess and her dad is a deputy commissioner of police (Sayaji Shinde). Despite spending time with him and showing interest in him, Meera rejects Saravanan when he proposes. The flashback ends there and then the comical episodes of Saravanan and Partha begin. With Partha's help, Saravanan tries to impress Meera before the wedding. Whether he succeeds in his endeavonot is to be viewed on screen.

-thanx to Uncle Wikipedia!!


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