Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I came across a very good article from Reader Digest Feb edition.
Article: HOW TO BEAT YOUR ALLERGIES". Here is how to use your diet to ease the sneezes.

1) CHOOSE CHICKEN & NOT BEEF - A study found that people who had the most trans-oleic acid in thier diets-a form of mono-unsaturated fat found in red meat and dairy products-were nearly three times as likely to have hay fever as those who ate the least.

2)EAT AN ORANGE EVERY MORNING- They are rich in Vitamin C, a natural antihistamine.

3)AVOID MONOSODIUM BENZOATE- A study found this preservative tiggered sneesing and itchy nose in adults without allergies.It often found in juices,pickles,olives and salad dressings.

4)SIP GREEN TEA-  Japanese scientist identified a coumpund (ECGC) in the brew that blocks a key cell receptor involved in producing an alergic response

This is actually a copy and paste article but usefull for some poeple who needs this information for their daily routine.SHARING IS CARING.
Anyway....Dear ..this is for you TOO!
-Courtesy Reader Digest Feb 2012-


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