Saturday, 18 May 2013

Barclays Premier League 2012/2013 Finale

    The final day of Barclays Premier League closed today with each teams competiting for their respective pride and positions. Top leaders has confirmed their championship title last week on their 20th titles collection in their cabinet. You know who I meant. The Red Devils with  recent retirement from the most successful manager in British history, Sir Alex and together with departure of one of the most dangerous midfielder, Paul Scholes and where they are called united! Manchester United.

    Bye Bye to Wigan , Reading & our Air Asia, QPR for the relegation spot and we welcome our new club of Malaysia –Cardiff!  

    Today games that needs an extra attention are not the Champions tittle or the relegation zone but the Champions League Positionand Europa League Positions which will be the 3rd, 4th & 5th position. Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs games will be the most interesting game to watch tonight with 72 70 and 69 points respectively.  All the three teams’ performance has been tremendous this past week but who will enter the Champion League? For those who are playing Fantasy Premier League or and other league in the world of online games, well-done congrats and all the best!  

There is 2 major cups: UEFA Champion League & UEFA Europe League. Congrats to Chelsea: UEFA Europa League Champion 212/2013. Hope to see you'll again next season !!

The standing above are before the final game on 18/5/2013.....GGMU


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  1. Congrats man u, chelsea n man city for automatic qualification and also to arsenal 4 playoff in champions league......