Sunday, 15 July 2012

BILLA 2 THE BEGINNING(2012) - Movie Review

    BILLA 2- The Beginning is back again. The much awaited movie from "talle Ajit" was released on 13th July 2012 in Malaysia. I managed to get tickets for 4.50pm show at IOI Mall yesterday, thanks to the GSC online system purchased technology.

    The stylish looking David Billa as how in the previous Billa movie, appears this time with an excellent and bullet kind of dialogue. This time his partners are the sexy Parvathy Ommanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah. Of course they can't compete with the previous Billa superb ladies - Nayantara & Namitha but for a 1st time it’s ok. Music by Yuwan Shankarraja was good with an excellent background scores.

This story is about the rise of David Billa and how he became from and ordinary man into dangerous criminal don. This movies if full of  gangsters act where bullet and short knives speaks more than words.

From my point of view, the movie was well taken with good and brutal fight scenes. Ajit has his own style of acting and this time he smokes lesser than before.  Ladies for sure would not like this movie because of violence but for guys.....awesome. For further review, please go and watch the movie. Avoid piracy OK!

Since Mankatha was a big hit with multi award winning from ITFA, let wait and see how is Billa 2 journeys goes.....ALL THE VERY BEST BILLA



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