Monday, 23 January 2012

My Nallanggu-an event before wedding

26th Nov.2011-My Nallangu. An important ceremony before  wedding. It consist of three trays. The first tray contains “kumkum”, Turmeric paste, ground Sikah , three mixed oils and rosewater . The second tray holds whole betelnut placed together with betel leaf and fresh flowers . The third tray contains coins and a brass container with arathi (a mixture of lime and a little tumeric powder in water which turns red. Married ladies apply “kumkum” on the forehead of the bride, apply turmeric paste to the brides hands, legs, and face, sprinkle oil and flowers on her hair as well as rose water . Arathi is performed which completes the beautification and cleansing ceremony.What about BRIDEGROOM?  Same-lah!
Where did I get this information from?? !! GOOGLE LAH BROTHER!!! :)
Enjoy the Photos below!!!

My family..aik mams missing!

Babaji Asirvatham

My Own Design

Thats all for Nalangu photos .....wait for my wedding & other event photos on the next coming blog!!....

**** SHRI GANESH*****

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