Saturday, 13 August 2011


I was thinking how shall I publish/blogged my Engagement Part 2 photos with something different and creative. I was browsing trough the Internet and then I came across this superb website called Picture Collage Maker. This a great software for one to design and create photo album for anniversary , celebration or any important day like father 's day , Christmas day ,calendar design, Halloween day, and etc. There is a lot of design and template that we can design and come up creatively from this software. As you can see,below are my creative design that I have created using  Picture Collage Maker :
Very interesting.Try it!! This is the link to the website:

My creative design using Picture Collage Maker

Photo Collages, Scrapbooks, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Poster, Photo Books and any other photo-related artwork can be used using this software.


Thanks to Picture Collage Maker for making collage in an easy way and also transform photos into precious memories.

**** SHRI GANESH****

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